Use your Cell Phone with a Peltor FMT-120 Intercom. Place and receive phone calls, listen to music.

cell phone to

peltor fmt-120 intercom

Custom application?
imsa or other intercom?

Use your Stilo Helmet with a Terraphone intercom

Peltor (FMT-120) Intercom
Ham Radio Interface

Use your Peltor helmet with a TerraPhone intercom.

Peltor Helmet to

terraphone intercom

Rally Intercom Adapters and Interfaces.

From Bryan's Workshop

Photo by: Tom Fitz


I custom make all kinds of odds and ends for the rally family. Need to connect Device A to Device B and somehow switch to C??? Drop me a line, maybe I can help.

Use your Peltor helmet with a Stilo intercom.

Peltor Helmet to
stilo Intercom

Integration of your communication equipment in one easy to use package. Talk to your service crew via Amateur/commercial radio. Call them on the phone or listen to music on transits.

From Bryan's Workshop Rally Adapters