Connect your Mobile (Yaesu / iCom) and cell phone to your intercom
With your phone and Mobile Ham radio connected to the interface you have a convenient connection to your service crew or anyone else you need to contact while on the road with the turn of a knob. Rotary switch to select between Phone, Off and Radio mode.Phone mode:
Both driver and co-driver can hear and talk to each other, as well as to your phone. You can also listen to music for the long transit back to service. Radio Mode:
Both driver and co-driver can hear and talk to each other and listen to the radio.
The "Push to talk" (PTT) button on the interface allows either the driver or co-driver to transmit over the radio. Off mode:
Just that, its off. No phone, no radio, just racing. Details Use any cell phone that uses the 3.5mm 4pin jack (iPhone, BB, Samsung, HTC, Nokia) Yaesu, iCom, Kenwood mobile radios
(Connection between interface and radio is Manuf. specific and built to suit your needs) Custom wiring lengths to suit your needs available. Remote PTT button available.
Use the one on the interface or wire one to a more convenient location.

Price $220.00

+ $25 Shipping

Ham Radio / Phone

Peltor FMT-120 interface