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Use your Stilo helmet with a TerraPhone intercom.

The TerraPhone Intercom system utilizes a different microphone than used by Peltor or Stilo. Even though TerraPhone states that you can use a Stilo helmet, this is in fact not the case. The typical patch cord adapters out on the market are just a couple of connectors and some wire. In fact all they do is allow you to physically plug your Stilo helmet into the intercom, but almost everybody complains about the low volume levels. My adapter protects your microphone from harmful power being sent to it from the TerraPhone intercom. It also amplifies the output from the Peltor microphone to the proper level.
  • This adapter amplifies and protects the mic in your Stilo helmet.
  • Built to withstand the rough conditions of racing.

Price $75.00

+ $15 Shipping

Stilo Helmet to

terraphone intercom